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Monica Vinader X Doina 100% Recycled Silver Collection

Cult jewellery brand Monica Vinader has launched a new collection in collaboration with leading sustainable fashion influencer, Doina Ciobanu. Founded in 2002, the Monica Vinader brand has created collection after collection of beautifully designed jewellery, a lot inspired by Monica’s travels and vintage pieces she has collected over the years through friends and family. Roll on 2020 and we see  Monica Vinader’s first-ever collection made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver.

The collaboration heralds the brand’s commitment to moving completely away from mined materials, with all collections moving to recycled Sterling Silver by the end of 2020. This is such an exciting step for the jewellery world as the brand is looked up to by so many smaller brands and are leaders in the industry.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Monica and her team this year for their autumn campaign and after meeting her I immediately understood how invested she was into making the world a better place. This collection is one part of MV’s sustainability focus but the company has also recently overhauled its packaging to introduce more sustainable materials and launched a buy-back or upcycling program that allows customers to responsibly give back unwanted jewellery whose materials can be recycled. All very impressive moves towards a more sustainable existence as a commercial brand.

Learn more about the collection on episode 2 of the Sustainably Influenced podcast as Bianca and I interview the wonderful Monica Vinader.

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