Dresses C/O Rixo

Spring is well and truly on its way and with that comes me buying a whole load of dresses to add to my wardrobe. As seasons go, I really dislike winter and having to layer up. I find the layering really uncomfortable which is annoying as I live in London and it’s pretty much always winter. When spring and summer hit I am in my element as I’m able to wear lighter clothes and materials like silk and linen and I feel AMAZING.

A brand I’m really loving at the moment is Rixo, they make gorgeous light-weight dresses which are perfect for weddings and events. I have a lot of speaking opportunities coming my way at the moment and I’ve decided to wear bright and interesting outfits to help me stand out and be remembered, just in case I lose my tongue on stage, ha. I’ve been following the brand for a while now as they are mentioned quite frequently on the Sheer Luxe newsletter but it wasn’t until I saw Laura Jackson in the White ruffle dress above (part of Rixo x Laura Jackson) that I thought that I really needed to try some pieces on, the power of the influencer! I’m wearing a size S in both but I would suggest if you have a flat chest like myself, to go a size down in the ruffle dress for comfort.

I’m loving dresses at the moment, where are you getting your spring pieces?

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