As you all know, I have an ever growing Mac lipstick collection, but along side every good lipstick, is a great lipliner (as the old saying goes). I don’t have many, but the ones I do have are key to a majority of my makeup looks.


I found this beauty through a Kylie Jenner look alike on Instagram.Β I tend to use this on its own as it is such a beautiful “your lips but better” colour, but it also looks amazing under nudes such as Taupe, Velvet Teddy and Half n Half.


I heard Kylie Jenner used this lipliner and immediately went and purchased it. For a long time this paired with Velvet Teddy was my go to, and I wore nothing else. I even filmed a Youtube videoΒ on this look as I loved it so much (I should really get back into filming videos!). I’m pretty sure everyone owns this lipliner, but if you don’t then you better get ordering!


This beauty paired with my all time favourite, for ever and always, lipstick Midi-Mauve is an absolute winner. Whenever I wear the two together I feel so sexy, it’s such a subtle look but it really makes your lips look amazing. I wore this pairing the first time I met my boyfriend and I’m pretty sure that’s what got his attention.


Pair this with Diva or Dark Side and you’re going home with someone! I love a dark lip and this lipliner is essential to take your look to the next level. I’ve worn Current on its own a few times but under a dark lipstick is where this baby shines!

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What are your favourite Mac Lipliners?