I know I said I wouldn’t be getting braids again, but you should never say never! The last time I had my hair braided I chose a style where the braids were really thick and consequently too heavy for my sensitive head, leaving me in so much pain… but here I am again. With braids. But this time no pain, thank goodness.

Before getting it braided, I had fallen out of love with my hair to the point where I was considering cutting it all off. After a bad bleaching experience in February of this year, my hair has been looking thin, frizzy and damaged and I felt like it may have reached the point of no return. The idea behind getting braids this time was if they messed up my hair then it wouldn’t matter as I’ll be cutting it all off anyway. Now three weeks into braid life, I am loving my pain free experience and I have a new lease of life. I have decided that when I take my braids out I am going to nurse my curls back to health and fall back in love with them. I’m lucky to call some of the UK’s top hair bloggers my friends and have access to the best hair brands the UK has to offer. If Simone Powderly can cure her alopecia, then I can grow my hair a couple of inches longer!

I’m going to leave the braids in for one or two more weeks and then the journey begins! Hopefully by September I will see some results! I’ll keep you all in the loop with what I’m using, what works and what doesn’t. And if you hear me talking about bleaching my hair at any point, please remind me of the drama my poor hair has been through this year!

A question for all the curlsies, what are your top tips for keeping your hair luscious and healthy?

Photography by Leon Lewis

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