Summer 2013 how I miss you
Today I am an emotional wreck. I’ve cried twice and I haven’t even had my lunch! I’m not an overly emotional person, ask my boyfriend, but sometimes I think it’s healthy to let it all out. Yesterday I had an interview for a job that was so not me and it didn’t go too well. This shook me up a little bit but made me realise that I need to take a different approach to my job hunting.
This morning I was talking to one of my favourite people in the world, Sónia, and she has inspired me to shake off my negative attitude and get back to the positivity. Speaking to my babygirl had me thinking about friendship. I was sitting on my sofa in the UK watching Loose Women whilst she was sitting on hers in Gay Parie but it was like we were together – thank goodness for Viber! I was explaining everything that was going on with me and she was doing the same – however, her life is much more interesting than mine.
And then there was yesterday morning. I woke up to a Facebook message from another one of my favourite people, of whom I miss SO much you have no idea, Eunice. Sometimes I think Eunice is a witch. She has the ability to make me smile just by saying her name! The message was only nine words long but in those nine words I could feel her love and the fact that she was thinking about me all the way in Porto on her way to work.
I have friends, I have old friends and new friends, but I find the title best friend difficult to deal with. All my friends are my best friends which means I have about ten best friends and then a few friends of whom I am yet to have a life changing experience with. Today’s post is an ode to friendship. I have spoken about two of my favourite people, Eunice and Sónia as these are both two people that I am obsessed with and proud to put into my category of best friends and two people that I am missing so much at this moment in time. Thanks for being such good friends the both of you. I hope to see you both soon!
Do you think it’s important to have one person who you confide in completely or is it normal to have different friends to share different experiences and different life challenges? 
*To all my other best friends, you know I love you! I was just particularly feeling loved by these two at this moment in time!