Top JAMI | Skirt Zara | Shoes Mango
I really didn’t realise how obsessed I had become about my hair until my boyfriend sat me down and told me I need to stop talking about my hair. Since having my hair chopped off I have felt so ugly and undesirable, I guess it didn’t help that I’d been living out of boxes and kicked out of my dressing room. Now my room is back in action and I have decided to stop talking about my hair and start dealing with it! Next week I’m going to go to the hairdressers to deal with the frizz and help me style my new short tresses. In the meantime I am going to start taking a little more pride in my appearance and get the old me back! 
Here’s tonight’s outfit, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner and I felt like dressing up a little bit. It seems like summer has lost it’s way to Portugal and has taken a pit stop in the UK so I was a little bit chilly. I hope it’s still hot in London in two weeks time when I’m over for my holidays!

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  1. Hey! Your plans for your hair are really sweet, I spend far too much time on my hair too so should probably do something about it too! I love the bookshelf with shoes on – such a great idea!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog and I’ll follow you back 🙂 Much love, Sarah x


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